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We welcome you to Artificial Eyes Center.
If this is your first experience with an Ocularist (someone who fits and custom manufactures artificial eyes). Artificial Eyes Center was founded in 1996 by Yousry Ayad and has become one of the leading centers in Egypt and The Middle East for custom artificial eye care.
Ocularist Yousry Ayad

We are very well aware of what you may be feeling, We assure you that we will do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable as possible, We will fully explain everything we do and will happily answer any questions you may have.

We meet with approximately 150 clients weekly, All of them wear at least one prosthesis while some require two, If you would like to talk to one of our clients, we will be happy to match you up with someone whose situation is similar to yours. We feel this is the best way possible to make your initial adjustment period less stressful During your first visit we will explain the entire process, We understand that the first appointment can be somewhat stressful, but it is basically pain free. Often it doesn't Require anesthesia or operating room as some people believed We hope you will leave the first appointment (or in some instances the second) with look even better.

It is at this point that most of our patients feel a deep sense of relief and hope as they realize they will look very much like they did before the loss.
Artificial Eyes Center

Our artificial eyes are custom-made by us, meaning they are not ordered. We will match the shade of the sclera (white part of the eyes), the color, the veins and the shape of your eyes as much as possible. Do not be upset if adjustments are necessary, or make training to expand the eyelid and realize no one else will look for differences the way we do.

all adjustments which is necessary and every effort will be made to meet all of your expectations.