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Artificial silicone Breast

Artificial Silicone Breast Look natural and feel real for women.
Product care guidelines.
Thank you for choosing breast from MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS Co. With your needs and requirements in mind, we offer an extensive range of the most natural breast forms, lei
sure forms, bras and accessories to restore your individual style and confidence. All Artificial breast forms are carefully hand-crafted from the finest quality materials. To ensure long lasting satisfaction and performance, please follow these care recommendations: Treat breast form as you would your own skin /body. Take care with sharp objects. Finger nails, brooches, scissors and pets claws can cause permanent damage to the breast form's film. Do not pinch, rub or wring the breast form at any time. Be fit by a professionally trained mastectomy fitter. This will ensure proper bra fit, and reduce the likelihood of causing permanent damage to the breast form. Avoid applying powder, perfume, deodorant, cream, moisturizer, tanning products or any lotions to the breast form, as well as to the chest wall. Wash breast form by hand daily with a mild soap and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly, and then towel dry. Do not wring. Store the breast form away from direct heat when not being worn. This allows the breast form to maintain its shape and protect it from accidental harm. In the unlikely event the breast form contains small air bubbles, please allow a few days for them to dissipate. A
Technical Manager
Mrs.Hanan Yousry Ayad
ir bubbles do not affect the integrity or performance of the breast form A breast form should only be worn when the surgical site is completely healed and radiation treatments are finished. Please consult with your physician before wearing a weighted breast form. Do not wear if skin is broken or irritated. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and contact your physician. All the silicone breast forms (excluding swim forms and Evenly You partials) are supplied with a soft cotton-backed cover. Please use care when inserting the breast form into the protective cover as repeated, unnecessary squeezing or pulling of the breast form can cause damage. Before placing your conformable-back breast form into the pocket of your bra, gently massage the back of the breast form containing the white conformable material. This will maximize the breast form's contouring capabilities. thank you for your trust.